Seminar in Visual Rhetoric
Dr. Nancy Barta-Smith
Spring 2006

The Seminar in Visual Rhetoric challenged me to learn concepts of document design. The class was assigned to select a document (print or electronic) for rhetorical visual analysis.  We identified visual elements of the document and suggested ways to improve the document by changing elements that did not support the document's rhetorical situation.  

I chose the website as my subject for analysis.  The documents below are the project proposal memo and the final analysis memo.  

Please click the links below to view the documents:
Website review project proposal memo
Website review final analysis memo

I submitted many of the suggestions from my analysis to the webmaster at and although they were accepted as good suggestions, they have yet to be implemented as a result of other pressing priorities.  

Using my visual rhetoric knowledge, I have, however, redesigned the "Partners" page at  The old page was a smattering of hyperlinked partner logos without any order or indication as to what type of partner the logo represented.  In the redesigned Partners page I created a categorized listing of partners at the top of the page, which hyperlinks to the alphabetized list appearing below.  Each company now has a hyperlinked logo appearing to the left and a company description appearing to the right.

Please click the links below to see the old Partners page and the redesigned Partners page:
Old emsCharts Partners page
Redesigned Partners page

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