Advertising and Public Relations Writing
Dr. William Boggs
Spring 2006

Though I had some previous academic and professional experience in advertising, the Advertising and PR Writing course was my formal introduction to both the advertising and public relations genres.  The class was asked to develop various campaigns using a variety of media such as print, television, and radio.  

The project documents below are examples from the direct mailing campaign for the SRU Graduate Program.  Each student was asked to develop their own idea and present it to the class for input.

Components of my direct mail campaign appear below and include a direct mail tri-fold brochure, a letter to accompany the direct mail piece, a promotional free gift magnet, and a promotional envelope to contain each piece mentioned above.

Please click the links below to view the documents:
Direct Mail piece
Direct Mail letter
Promotional envelope
Promotional magnet

A rewarding result from having taken this course was that I was able to apply my new skills in my professional life.  Quite often I am asked to design print advertisements for magazines and newspapers, as well as direct mail and email advertisements.  Additionally, I compose all press releases for my company and distribute them to applicable media outlets.  Click here to view recent press releases that I have written.

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