Seminar in Technical and Scientific Writing
Dr. Nancy Barta-Smith
Fall 2005 

The Seminar in Technical & Scientific Writing was quite enjoyable because the coursework closely matched my personal and professional interests.  The curriculum covered a variety of technical and scientific topics in the form of assignments, which resulted in a large volume of various document types.  I have included the documents from one of these assignments below.

In one particular assignment for the class, we were asked to take a scientific journal article and adapt it for a non-scientific venue for publication.  The article that I chose was Female convict cichlids (Archocentrus nigrofasciatus) prefer to consort with same-sized males,” as published in the 16th issue of Ethology Ecology & Evolution in 2004 (Beeching et al, 2004).  The venue that I chose was  

The series of documents below includes my memo to Dr. Barta-Smith initially proposing the project, the final adapted article, and the corresponding memo describing the adaptation.

Please click the links below to view sample works from this course:
Project Proposal Memo
Final Memo Describing Adaptation

Final Article

I did not initially submit the article to my chosen venue.  It was not part of the assignment to actually submit the article, though it was the intention.  Upon review of the document for the purpose of assembling this portfolio, I recently made the decision to submit the article to  I have not heard anything to date, but am anxious to find out whether it receives any interest from publications.

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